What people are saying about us…


“Our 18-month project didn’t follow a standard flow. It was unstructured, complex and operating in an ever-changing landscape. The brief for Twiga Group changed sometimes even daily, but they were so easy to work with, creating an organic process where we worked together to build, and adjust, a change plan. 

The team created bite-sized, just-in-time, easily digestible content that was relevant, so that people who were extraordinarily busy had the information they required to do what they needed in terms of transformation.  

They turn things round so quickly – I don’t know how they do it, even when the landscape changes between the brief and delivery. They’re always open to feedback and adjustments, super-flexible about tweaking and so easy to work with. Twiga Group gets things done.”


HR Executive in professional services,
Change project lead. 


Twiga took our broad agenda for addressing literacy issues in Australia and helped us prepare a go-to-market plan based on where our products and services could make the best impact. 

They distilled the idea, helped us establish goals and created a strategic road map. Twiga finessed our strategy, did a thorough market analysis and prepared an implementation plan.  

Jo and the team are great at listening and could quickly grasp our goals. They offered another angle to help us see things differently and from a clearer perspective. Their ideas were smart and thorough. The Twiga team is professional, accountable and delivered everything they said they would on time. They are genuine people doing genuinely good things.”

Gina Herbert
Chief Growth Officer, International online learning organisation 

“As a small organisation we lacked depth and technical expertise in marketing and modern communications. We worked closely with Twiga to build both technical capabilities, and also a strong sense across the organisation of how to communicate and reach new audiences.  

Twiga brought a network of skills and more importantly, a clear appreciation of our mission and the messages we needed to convey. It’s been a real partnership as the Twiga team listened, reflected and gave us options to expand our communications style and to reach different audiences.  

We’ve all learned a lot by working together. We’ve now had our most successful year in reaching professional populations and the general community about our work. Really importantly, the staff of Phoenix Australia feel empowered to contribute to communications across a range of platforms.  

It can be hard to translate complex research in a way that is easily understood and still maintain the integrity of the work. Twiga has played an invaluable role in helping us hone this voice.  

Our publications have hit new heights and the feedback about our Annual Report and products has been outstanding. There is a strong sense of pride in what we are producing together.  

This is a partnership that gives us so much, we get so many benefits, and we are really proud to work with Twiga.” 

Lesley Podesta 
Head of Government Relations, Phoenix Australia 

“When I first heard Jo Smyth from Twiga Group talk about the Social Contract, and how it took organisations beyond values and into behaviours, I knew it would be the glue that would keep our community strong into the future.

We are a unique organisation with people across Australia and soon across the world. We are built on strong philosophical underpinnings, and we had created values with a small group in our first year, but not revisited this type of work as a growing organisation, nor had we/I explored how we behave around those shared values.

So when Social Contract emerged – it was perfect timing. The very process of making that decision, through to workshopping with our teams, and the guidance by the Twiga team has been a remarkable experience as a founder and leader of our organisation, and for all involved. It has been interesting to observe how many behaviours were considered ‘a given’ by our working groups, and how important it was to capture those ‘givens’ to further embed them as part of our DNA.

I can’t recommend Social Contract highly enough for any organisation. It has been so carefully put together, and you are in such great hands with the culture experts at Twiga Group.

In the future, I can see that employees, clients and partners will choose organisations who have a Social Contract, in the same way they now choose values-led organisations.”


Julia Keady
CEO/Founder, Benefolk and Director, Benefolk Foundation


“Twiga worked on a large-scale project instructed by our Board. Their communication development gest right to the point, providing information my stakeholders needed at the level appropriate for them.  

The team demonstrates an amazing ability to quickly turn around requests. They are so good at helping craft a communications framework, taking the most abstract of concepts and turning it into meaningful and purposeful content and reference guides. 

The team is very good at finding solutions to meet needs. They are so communicative and handle surprises really well. When things are chaotic, they are very adept at adapting. They’re such a professional team and at the same time, really fun to work with.“


Senior Manager
Large partnership organisation 

“MinterEllison has been fortunate to be the hands of the expert practitioners at Twiga.

They have made an impactful contribution towards cultural elements of MinterEllison’s strategic change program through successful person-centred change strategies aligned with the firm’s purpose and ambitions.

Every interaction with Twiga has been a learning opportunity for myself and my team. They have guided, challenged, inspired and stretched us to be more courageous and creative in how we excite interest, prepare our leaders and engage our people for change.”


Philippa Salmon
Former Head of Project Change & Communication, MinterEllison

“Twiga Group understands teams. The human-centred design approach was engaging, which enabled both speed and buy-in.

The best part, it was tailored to the cultural change we were making and the experience of the executive team.

We learned professionally and personally from the work/process.”


Andrew Hume
CEO, Early Childhood Management Services

“Jo was the leader of the Tradeshow stream for Go Girl Go for IT 2018 ( Jo brought incredible innovation and dedication to our event and also developed an amazing support team.

She is creative, talented and entrepreneurial in her approach, especially with guiding and assisting others. She is very much trusted to come up with a suitable solution and to see it through to delivery.

The end result was a tradeshow noted as being a high feature of the program, with the girls loving the interactive nature of the displays. Jo and the team certainly raised the bar on our event. I rate Jo highly indeed.”


Fi Slaven
Director – Go Girl Go for IT 2013-2018

“I have worked as an associate of Twiga for the last three years.

The team has an ability to genuinely connect with their clients to quickly understand their business and needs, becoming a trusted advisor.

They are innovative and creative in solution design for change and very focussed on placing the people at the centre of the change experience.

In her leadership role, Jo also has a fabulous ability to help people unlock their unknown potential – be it in a work setting or getting them to agree to triathlons or 65km charity bike rides!

It’s hard to sum up how amazing Jo and the team truly are into a couple of sentences!!”


Erin Grant