What people are saying about us…


“MinterEllison has been fortunate to be the hands of an expert practitioner, in Jo.

She has made an impactful contribution towards cultural elements of MinterEllison’s strategic change program through successful person-centred change strategies aligned with the firm’s purpose and ambitions.

Every interaction with Jo has been a learning opportunity for myself and my team. She has guided, challenged, inspired and stretched us to be more courageous and creative in how we excite interest, prepare our leaders and engage our people for change.”


Philippa Salmon
Former Head of Project Change & Communication, MinterEllison

“Twiga Group understands teams. The human centred design approach was engaging, which enabled both speed and buy-in.

The best part, it was tailored to the cultural change we were making and the experience of the executive team.

We learned professionally and personally from the work/process.”


Andrew Hume
CEO, Early Childhood Management Services




“I have worked as an associate of Jo’s for the last three years.

Jo has the ability to genuinely connect with her clients to quickly understand their business and needs, becoming a trusted advisor.

She is innovative and creative in her solution design for change and is very focussed on placing the people at the centre of the change experience.

Jo also has a fabulous ability to help people unlock their unknown potential – be it in a work setting or getting them to agree to triathlons or 65km charity bike rides! It’s hard to sum up how amazing Jo truly is into a couple of sentences!!”


Erin Grant

“Jo was the leader of the Tradeshow stream for Go Girl Go for IT 2018 ( Jo brought incredible innovation and dedication to the event and also developed an amazing support team.

She is creative, talented and entrepreneurial in her approach, especially with guiding and assisting others. She is very much trusted to come up with a suitable solution and to see it through to delivery.

The end result was a tradeshow noted as being a high feature of the program, with the girls loving the interactive nature of the displays. Jo and the team certainly raised the bar on the event. I rate Jo highly indeed.”


Fi Slaven
Director – Go Girl Go for IT 2013-2018