Pitch my role

Clarity. Collective. Understanding.

Role clarity to define change and create high performing teams.

What is it?

Role clarity is an essential element for a high performing team. It is how each member of the team clearly defines their role and how they can articulate this for collective understanding.

It builds individual and team confidence to explore new ways of working and collaborative practices.

It enables the team to define roles and responsibilities for accountability. 

Why is it important?

Role clarity leads to high performance.

Each member of a team needs to be able to say, ‘I know what my role is’ AND ‘you know what my role is’ AND ‘we are in agreement’.

But clarity is often where change gets stuck.

Our approach

We design change experiences where people are at the centre of change.

We use human centred design techniques to understand culture, accelerate change and solve complex problems.

Workshop objectives

The workshop follows a proven human centred design agenda to explore and define roles and to articulate these for collective understanding.

At the end of the day, teams will have:

  • an enhanced understanding of each role in the team

  • an agreed way of describing the work of self and others

  • a visual medium to help articulate peer roles


Pitch my Role is a one-day, immersive team experience.


Our innovation workshops deliver rapid and sustainable change.