Social Contract

Agreement. Mutual Trust. Accountability.

Uncovering what really matters to a team to describe a shared sense of identity.

What is it?

A social contract outlines how teams work together with specific and agreed behaviours and attitudes. It provides language and agreement to support teams to hold each other accountable. It encourages team commitment and collaboration. It leads to connected, high trust, high performance teams.

Why is it important?

The social contract is grounded in trust. It is created by the team, in plain language, that is visual and accessible. It forms the shared sense of identity.

The social contract is the ‘unheroic work’ of teams – work that is often acknowledged yet frequently overlooked.

Our approach

We design change experiences where people are at the centre of change.

We use human centred design techniques to understand culture, accelerate change and solve complex problems.

Workshop objectives

The workshop follows a proven human centred design agenda to define, agree and document future ways of working.

At the end of the day, teams will have:

  • an enhanced understanding of the team change experience from a position of empathy
  • a working draft social contract
  •  a commitment to one+ immediate changes (individual or team based)

The Social Contract is a one-day, immersive team experience.


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