Culture. Change. Clarity.

Understand your culture, nurture what you have and strengthen what matters most. 

What is it?

The ‘Kaleidoscope’ is a diagnostic model that helps consider the five connected
components for working organisations to support complex problem solving and to accelerate cultural change

Why is it important?

The culture of an organisation is needs to be viewed with deliberate and intentional action to nurture what you have, make change for the future and strengthen what matters

By ‘looking through the kaleidoscope’ it’s possible to understand and strengthen culture through organisational design.

Our approach

Using human centred design techniques, this workshop explores culture, accelerates change and solves complex problems.

Workshop objectives

The Kaleidoscope program follows a proven human centred design agenda to understand the connected components of the organisation. 

At the end of the program, leadership and teams have a shared understanding of their: 

Purpose – why are we here? Who do we serve?
Operating model – capabilities, systems, processes
Organisational design – structure, control, management
Roles and responsibilities – work, accountability, KPIs
People and skills – mindset, leadership



The Kaleidoscope program is designed for each organisation to help you understand the elements that matter most to your organisation. 

It can be delivered as an intensive program or as a series of shorter workshops.


Our innovation workshops deliver rapid and sustainable change.

Pitch my Role

Clarity. Collective. Understanding.

Role Clarity to define change and create high performing teams.

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Social Contract

Agreement. Mutual Trust. Accountability.

Uncovering what really matters to a team to describe a shared sense of identity.

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Technology. Conversation. Connection.

Where people and technology meet to redefine organisational culture.

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Talent Pursuit

Talent. Capability. Innovation.

Showcasing future talent through learning, industry partnerships and capacity building.

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Ideation. Engagement. Design.

Uncovering what really matters to a team to describe a shared sense of identity.

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