Culture. Change. Clarity.

Understand your culture, nurture what you have and strengthen what matters most. 

What is it?

Kaleidoscope by Twiga is a proprietary toolkit developed to help leaders understand and define their operating model and organisational design.  

Design techniques are used to insightfully explore each aspect and their interactions enabling stakeholders to own the process and outcome while being challenged to think broadly about different futures.

Combined, these techniques build change leadership capability and enable rapid, effective, and valuable transformation and cultural change.

Why is it important?

The culture of an organisation is needs to be viewed with deliberate and intentional action to nurture what you have, make change for the future and strengthen what matters

By ‘looking through the kaleidoscope’ it’s possible to understand and strengthen culture through organisational design.

Our approach

We use human-centred design techniques to understand culture, accelerate change and solve complex problems. 

This allows people and teams to explore key topics and contribute their insights in such a way to enable a sense of ownership and personal investment. At the same time, challenging participants to think holistically about a broad range of needs.


The Kaleidoscope program follows a proven human centred design agenda to understand the connected components of the organisation.

Leaders and teams will develop a shared understanding of their:

∙ Purpose – why are we here? Who do we serve?
∙ Operating model – capabilities, systems, processes
∙ Organisational design – structure, control, management
∙ Roles and responsibilities – work, accountability, KPIs
∙ People and skills – mindset, leadership

At the end of the program, you will have an operating model and capability framework for your organisation / function / team to support a contemporary future workplace.


The Kaleidoscope program is designed for each organisation to help you understand the elements that matter most to your organisation. 

It can be delivered as an intensive program or as a series of shorter workshops.