Expert Consultants

Our core team of experts and ever-growing range of specialist consultants provide

in-house and outsourced staffing solutions for our clients.


Our expert consultants

Twiga Group has an eye for spotting, attracting and retaining talent. Not only do we have a great core team and ever-growing range of expert consultants, we’ve also been able to help clients deal with some sticky situations thanks to our in-house and outsourced capability solutions.

Our flexible set up means we can quickly adapt to the varied needs of our clients. At the heart of it, our mission is always the same – we specialise in creating great strategies, programs and projects and bringing together a team to implement them for our clients.

We create a culture of business agility to deliver sustainable business outcomes.

Twiga Group works with organisations nationally to deliver business strategy through organisational culture, people experience and change leadership.

As a partner to business leaders, Twiga works to design and deliver meaningful change experiences for people that drive engagement and foster creative leadership.   We use design thinking to redefine business problems and identify alternative strategies and solutions, creating a culture of business agility to deliver sustainable business outcomes.

Jo Smyth


As Managing Director of Twiga Group, Jo leads her team of expert consultants to help organisations with strategy, culture and innovation.

With more than 20 years in the corporate sector, Jo’s career has spanned senior leadership roles focused on strategic organisational change, engagement and communications.

She has expertise in human resource and employee relations management, transformation program and project management and leadership of global multi-disciplinary teams.

Darryn Webster


He is a highly experienced and motivated leader who enables people and organisations to accomplish operational excellence by shifting mindset, culture and operations.

Darryn’s professional background is leadership in Digital and technology from operations, transformation and the C-suite. His passion is innovatively solving problems others have given up on.

With over 25 years experience across diverse industries and specialisations Darryn brings a unique breadth and depth of experience to Twiga Group.

Adie Dawes-birch

Adie Dawes-Birch


Adie is a highly experienced, visionary leader committed to excellence, with a proven track record of working with organisations to create and implement innovative strategies in pursuit of exceptional results.

Adie has deep expertise in leading strategic initiatives from ideation through to delivery, including organisational strategy, transformation and change, people and culture, reputation and crisis management, stakeholder engagement, governance, communications, brand and marketing, M&A programs, public policy, and social impact.

Melissa Tandy

Melissa Tandy


Melissa is an experienced leader in transformation, program leadership, change and risk management, and diversity and inclusion.

She has over 20 years’ experience as an executive leader in large financial institutions, leading small and large teams.

Melissa works with boards and leaders to challenge, shift and fine-tune their strategies, and also help to land them – making strategies come to life for their people, in an actionable and sustainable way.

Lindy Matthews


Lindy brings a combination of technical knowledge and strengths in communication and leadership. She has a growth mindset and a strong foundation for analytical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

Driven by challenge and continual learning, Lindy thrives on being a part of, and empowered by, high-performing cross-functional teams that value trust and collaboration. With a Masters in Electrical Engineering, she has successfully led digital transformation projects, created cultural shifts and implemented strategic channels to market to achieve customer advocacy.

Steven Hogan


An executive people and capability professional, Steven’s career spans retail, insurance, FMCG and professional associations.

Leading the full suite of people and capability services, as well as risk and compliance functions, Steven brings specialist expertise in learning and development, leadership and coaching.

Lucy Seager


Lucy is an emerging social impact leader and a committed undergraduate student of law and international relations.

With an interest in areas of law that seek to enhance the rights of individuals, Lucy brings a sense of balance, considering the needs of society and creating a sustainable future.

Lucy keeps the team organised with her passion for customer service, project management and public relations.



Rubi specialises in barketing and commotion. Her strengths lie in chasing invisible fairies, searching for pats and enjoying a variety of puppy treats.

Meaning of Twiga

The word twiga is Swahili for giraffe.

The giraffe symbolises wisdom, perception and individuality. They are quiet, clever and patient animals, respected for their intelligence and ability to adapt behaviourally in response to the changing environment.

We see the giraffe as the exemplar of gravitas, being able to see things from a different perceptive and to respond with purpose. These are the leadership characteristics that inform and guide culture and change in organisations.