Technology. Conversation. Connection.

Where people and technology meet to redefine organisational culture. 

What is it?

Exploring culture and behaviour using humanoid and robotic technology to solve real and current problems together.

Grounded in design thinking, creativity and experimentation, technology is used to redefine the future culture.

Bringing people together to build complementary talents and skills, aligned to a common purpose and demonstrating high levels of collaboration and innovation.

Why is it important?

FUSIONplay brings people and technology together to build teams, explore new ideas and approach problem-solving in a different way.

The use of humanoid technology externalises team behaviour and surfaces what can often be seen as a difficult conversation.

Our approach

A unique program where the team builds a mini-humanoid bot and then uses the bot to explore a current team problem.

Using human centred design techniques, this workshop explores culture, accelerates change and solves complex problems.

Workshop objectives

The workshop follows a proven human centred design agenda to bring together people and technology to drive cultural change.

At the end of the day, teams will have:

  • built and programmed a mini-humanoid bot

  • explored team dynamics

  • worked on a current team problem using bots and behavioral change


FUSIONplay is a one-day, immersive team experience.


Our innovation workshops deliver rapid and sustainable change.